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Our translation services will help and assist you with client negotiations, meetings, conferences, seminars, business meetings, factory visits, court hearings, telephone calls, etc. We use different interpretation techniques depending on the situation.

  • Simultaneous interpretation
    With the help of simultaneous interpretation equipment, we simultaneously translate while a person is speaking. This technique is generally used if the conference, seminar, or the meeting is relatively large or when working with more than two languages.


  • Consecutive interpretation
    We translate what a person has said to another language after the speaker has finished his or her remarks. This is usually done without any interpreting equipment. This technique is particularly suitable for events with limited number of participants such as seminars, product presentations, and press conferences where only one language is translated.


  • Liaison interpretation
    We translate back and forth between two or more dialog partners. This involves interpreting individual sentences or short, interconnected sections. This type of interpreting is used mainly in business negotiations or during factory tours.




When interpreting, interpreters have to find the right word in a fraction of a second to enable coherent transfer from one language to another. They act as the mouthpiece for their client and have to accurately convey every facet of what is said.

Good preparation is the key to successful interpreting. It is therefore essential that interpreters receive any documents (such as talks or reference materials) in good time before the event so that they can familiarise themselves with the material.


The billing for interpreter services is usually done on a time basis.
We gladly provide you with a customized all-inclusive interpretation and equipment quote for larger conferences. We compile the best interpreting team for your needs and organize the necessary conference equipment for your event. Do you require services beyond the meeting or conference, e.g. agenda translations, meeting notes or documents, post-meeting translations of materials and records, etc.? We are ready to assist you with any of these tasks and many more.

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